Service and Insurance

At JOOLL, we believe in making it easy to say yes to a great JOOLL bike. That’s why we’ve put together service and insurance packages that help you focus on all the other things in life that are more important. All we ask is that you do what you can to look after your JOOLL bike, but otherwise use it normally. Wear, scrapes and dents are part of having a JOOLL bike and we only look on it positively ☺

What does our service package include?
It should be a pleasure to own a JOOLL. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make it easy and as administration-free as possible. Included in our service package is a fixed service check once a year at your workplace (or wherever the JOOLL is), where we usually come out and service it on site. In some cases where there is a mechanic near the user, we may refer. Service is after 6, 18 and 30 months. Here, our skilled mechanics check the JOOLL and make sure that especially the battery and motor are serviced. We tighten , clean , lubricate mechanical parts, pump the tires, correct and adjust the spoke and rims and check the wear parts. Just like a car, a JOOLL needs to be serviced and checked. All this is included.
Should there be any wearing parts that need to be replaced, we also offer this on the spot. You can also opt for our ServicePLUS package, so selected wearing parts and puncture repairs are included. JOOLL Race & MTB comes with a service package that includes the same as a standard JOOLL service plan. I.e. not dampers and other components that differ from the above standard service.

What does the servicePLUS package contain?
At JOOLL, we care about keeping you running, which is why many choose to add the ServicePLUS package for even greater coverage.
The ServicePLUS package therefore includes full coverage on selected wear parts that are not self-inflicted. This includes punctures, if the chain breaks, new brake pads, new hoses, new tyres, new pedals or new cables. With ServicePLUS, we repair at no extra cost for labour hours.
All we ask is that you’ve done what you could to keep your bike free from damage.
Your ServicePLUS package works from the moment you receive your JOOLL until your bike has to be returned to JOOLL.
Price for the ServicePLUS Package (per JOOLL bike) is 99 DKK ex VAT per month.
If you have not selected the ServicePLUS package from the start and you want to upgrade to the ServicePLUS package at a later date, there is a set-up fee of DKK 499 ex VAT per JOOLL bike. From there on it is 99 DKK per month ex VAT.
The ServicePLUS package cannot be added to JOOLL Race & MTB bikes.

The battery and motor come with different warranties of 1,2 or 3 years depending on the model and manufacturer which means that the battery and motor are not part of the wearing parts covered by the ServicePLUS package.

How does it work?
Fortunately, if you’re unlucky, it’s easy to get going again. Just write to Service@JOOLL.dk and we or our partner will make sure you get the help you need. In a few cases, repairing your bike means you can’t get it straight away, but we promise a close follow-up so you can get back on your JOOLL as soon as possible. Remember to write, model, frame number, location of the bike and phone number.

What about my insurance?
If you’ve been in an accident or your JOOLL has been stolen, you can rest assured that JOOLL bikes come with 100% accident, theft and vandalism insurance, so you can get around the roads with confidence. This means that if your JOOLL is stolen, you contact JOOLL and get a brand new one. The only thing we require of you is that you have locked the bike securely with an insurance-approved lock. Fortunately, if the bike is damaged by accident or vandalism, our insurance will also cover it. This way JOOLL will always do what we can to keep you on the road. The insurance includes an excess of up to DKK 1,000 for all types of bicycles. DKK 1,000 for bicycles without electricity. DKK 3,000 for all ordinary electric bicycles (if the battery is not stolen and returned to JOOLL, the excess drops to DKK 1,000). For MATE bicycles, an excess of DKK 5,000 applies. For cargo bikes and speed pedelecs the excess is DKK 4,000 (if the battery is not stolen and returned to JOOLL, the excess drops to DKK 1,000). In the event of theft after month 12 of the leasing agreement, the option to buy out is waived under the general terms and conditions.

If there is a tracker in your JOOLL and it is not activated or charged, the insurance does not cover.

In the event of an insurance claim, the following must be returned in addition to the police report: All keys for the lock(s) and batteries. If this is not returned, the fee will amount to 50% of the new price of the bike. In addition, all other possible effects must also be returned, including any charger and spare parts.

Mandatory liability insurance for 45km/h “Speed-Pedelecs”
Our JOOLLs which are assisted up to 45 km/h (speedpedelecs) and our electric scooters also include in the price the legally required extended liability insurance. So here you don’t have to think about anything else than enjoying your nice JOOLL 🙂 These 45km/h (speedpedelecs) are not allowed to ride without this insurance!


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Service and Insurance


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